Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Connie Cul-de-sac

While talking on the phone to Belle last night, she told me she took umbrage at my characterization of her here as "by nature, not a kinky person." Said I made her sound like she's a Connie Cul-de-sac. Apparently, there was this episode with a banana once in a hotel room and she thinks she should get some kinkpoints for that. Unless that's the tip of some tropical fruit fetish I don't know about (don't even want to think about the pineapples), I will have to respectfully stand by my position that she is not, by nature, a kinky person. And that's OK! I think there's a lot of potential there. The Game idea shows that she's thinking about it and, personally, I feel just about everyone has their kinks and all anyone has to do is discover them. What I find nice about kinky interests is that one tends to lead to others.

So anyway, I did what I always do when presented with a new opportunity for learning and bought some books. First, based on a recommendation from Tom Allen on Kink on Tap 7, I ordered When Someone You Love Is Kinky. That one seems to be aimed at a person who's not as comfortable with a kinky partner as my Belle is, but it still might help her (and me) frame our relationship. Then, based on reviews on Amazon, I also picked up Come Hither: A Common Sense Guide to Kinky Sex. This might be a little broad at the moment as we're just getting started here, but if Belle learns the finer points of tying me up, then all the better! Finally, I got Male Chastity: A Guide for Keyholders. Since this whole orgasm denial/chastity thing was my idea, I thought she'd need something like this to help develop her own personal approach to keeping my key.

Of course, now that I've thrown down the "your not as kinky as me" gauntlet, I might just come back from my trip to find her in a full latex dominatrix suit brandishing a riding crop and myself on the floor hogtied with a hood over my head and a ponytail sticking out my ass.

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