Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One ringy-dingy...

I'm back in the cheap-o hardware store cock ring. The aching balls are a thing of the past, so I want to do an experiment. After I got off the phone with Belle last night, I spent a great deal of time doing "research" into this new area of interest (i.e., looking at porn) and mostly kept my hands off my...er...I mean her cock. I was obviously stimulated, but miles and miles away from cumming.

This morning, no pain whatsoever. So, if the pain is caused by blue balls (as I think it is) then I'm making the assumption that there has to be direct stimulation of my cock and/or bringing me to the brink of orgasm to induce the symptoms I had yesterday. If the pain is caused by the cock ring, then I'll be sore as hell tonight and tomorrow. Nobody's going to be bringing me close to orgasm until at least tomorrow night (pleasepleaseplease), so if I experience pain, it's the hardware's fault.

I really hope it's not the hardware because I'm starting to make an association with the ring and the commitment I've made to Belle. Just like our wedding bands are symbolic of our emotional relationship, the cock ring is symbolic of our sexual one. To me, its constant grip is the grip of her control over that part of my body (control I willingly ceded to her). I've decided that if my body allows it, I always want to be wearing some kind of cock ring. I feel naked and weird when I forget to wear my wedding ring I'm starting to think the cock ring is heading in the same direction. From now on, if I'm not in chastity, I want a ring around my unit.

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